I am Adrienne. I am the wife of a wonderful (sexy) husband. I am the mother of two very wonderful and special babies. They are fraternal twins (boys) and they were born on September 16, 2011. This is our little adventure, and by that I mean, I'll be rambling on about our lives. :)
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Ug, so I didn’t get my notice in to my apartments in time. We’re probably going to have to stay for another month. Oi, this is frustrating.

Our bank denied our loan application, but we got a quote from somebody that will work with Danny’s credit score, supposedly. So he’ll contact him and see if we can qualify.

And now blonde dog is bothering me, and I know she has to go out, but there’s all those stairs, and my feet hurt so bad.

We have trains in the UK that can,(traction depending) run as high as 125 MPH.
I’m sure we have passenger trains that go faster than 55 MPH, but I’m pretty sure (granted I’m not a professional so I could be wrong) cargo trains aren’t supposed to go above 55 MPH. But like I said, I don’t exactly keep track of train laws.
Train A is travelling East at 57 MPH, Train B is travelling West at 19 MPH. At what point does this bullshit become even remotely useful to you in your day to day life?

I guess whenever you’re on a train track that two trains are going towards each other on. Though I think trains top out at 55 MPH.

I could never solve those problems anyhow.

Thanks for all the good luck wishes guys. I’m far too lazy to copy all of your replies. But I read them!

All but one of the ladies I’ll be working with is under 25. And the older one is really nice (a little rough around the edges southern woman kinda gal though).

It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

I managed to land myself a full time job. On accident. I thought it was part time. It’s alright though, cause I’ll be home by 2 in the afternoon. And I get weekends off. Cool beans.

Toddlers: A New Wave of Destruction

So, we have already hit the Tantrum-Throwing, Hit-Everything, Tear-Down-Anything stage of toddlerhood. And I do not like it. I am not ready for this. I am about to start working, and I’m going to be exhausted by the time I get home.

They’ve been throwing tantrums when we go out, refusing to calm down unless I hold both of them. At my friend’s house (who just had a baby) they started taking her things and throwing them, and hitting her cat VERY hard. And any time I stopped them or took something away they would screech and hit at me.

They throw their food when they are upset, even throwing it at me.

This is irritating, frustrating and supremely stressful. Can we be done with this now?